Partnering Model
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Partnering Model

Custom DNA Encoded Library Synthesis上下箭头

    HitGen will be responsible for the design and synthesis of DNA encoded library base on partner's specification.


    ☆    Vast number of moleculesThe libraries containing millions to billions of highly diverse, drug-like small molecules and macrocycles can be designed and synthesized.

    ☆    Quick synthesisLibraries containing millions to billions of compounds can be produced within 3 months.

    ☆    Highly diverse and drug-like molecules: Tens of thousands of building-blocks, large coverage of chemical space, controllable physico-chemical properties.

    ☆    Highly economic synthesis: One round synthesis provides library materials enough for more than 1,000 incubations.

    ☆    High synthesis quality of DELsComplete inspection and quality assurance system, strict quality controls.

    ☆    Environment friendly: Synthesis of millions to billions molecules only requires several liters of solvents.

    ☆    Flexible modes of collaborationCustomer’s proprietary libraries or shared libraries could be designed and synthesized.

    Collaboration Process:

Program evaluation
DELs design
R&D method development
R&D method confirmation
DELs synthesis
DELs delivery

DNA Encoded Libraries Screening上下箭头

    HitGen will screen its most up to date proprietary DELs (currently > 85 Bn novel small molecules and macrocycles) against targets provided by the partners.


    ☆    Small biological target amount required: Typically 3 mg biological target is sufficient for the entire screening, significantly reduce target preparation time and cost

    ☆    Shorter screening time required: The entire DEL screening typically completes within 3 months, including Off-DNA compound validation

    ☆    Multi- sample/condition screening in parallel : DEL screening have capability of running multiple targets or multiple conditions at the same time, generating hit selectivity information during the screening

    ☆    High throughput on affinity based screening: Affinity based DEL screening has particular high throughput on protein-protein interaction targets 

    Collaboration Process:

Program evaluation
Target and other materials preparation
R&D methods evaluation
Target screening
Hit validation
Report and Hits delivery

Innovative Drug Discovery Project Based Collaboration (Licensing)上下箭头

    HitGen initiates a number of drug discovery projects. These projects can be the subject of collaboration, which cover the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, inflammation and respiratory, etc.

    Collaboration Format:

    ☆    Flexible model of collaboration;

    ☆    Projects at different stages of research process can have different model of collaboration;

    ☆    Projects can be for out-licensing, risk sharing and co-development.

Specialized Chemistry and Bioscience Services上下箭头

    HitGen provides other specialized services for drug discovery, to meet specific needs of each potential partner.


    ☆    Custom synthesis of biomacromolecule such as RNA/DNA, RNA/DNA modification, RNA/DNA conjugate glycoside and nucleoside compound;

    ☆    Custom synthesis of normal chemical compound with specific structure;

    ☆    Lead optimization;

    ☆    High-throughput sequencing;

    ☆    Protein/enzyme/cell-based assay activity;

    ☆    Protein expression, purification and crystallization.