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Partnering Model
Collaboration Partners

Partnering Model

Custom DNA Encoded Library Synthesis上下箭头

    HitGen will be responsible for the design and synthesis of DNA encoded library base on partner's specification.


    ☆    Vast number of moleculesThe libraries containing millions to billions of highly diverse, drug-like small molecules and macrocycles can be designed and synthesized.

    ☆    Quick synthesisLibraries containing millions to billions of compounds can be produced within 3 months.

    ☆    Highly diverse and drug-like molecules: Tens of thousands of building-blocks, large coverage of chemical space, controllable physico-chemical properties.

    ☆    Highly economic synthesis: One round synthesis provides library materials enough for more than 1,000 incubations.

    ☆    High synthesis quality of DELsComplete inspection and quality assurance system, strict quality controls.

    ☆    Environment friendly: Synthesis of millions to billions molecules only requires several liters of solvents.

    ☆    Flexible modes of collaborationCustomer’s proprietary libraries or shared libraries could be designed and synthesized.

    Collaboration Process:

Program evaluation
DELs design
R&D method development
R&D method confirmation
DELs synthesis
DELs delivery

DNA Encoded Libraries Screening上下箭头

    HitGen will screen its most up to date proprietary DELs (currently > 85 Bn novel small molecules and macrocycles) against targets provided by the partners.


    ☆    Small biological target amount required: Typically 3 mg biological target is sufficient for the entire screening, significantly reduce target preparation time and cost

    ☆    Shorter screening time required: The entire DEL screening typically completes within 3 months, including Off-DNA compound validation

    ☆    Multi- sample/condition screening in parallel : DEL screening have capability of running multiple targets or multiple conditions at the same time, generating hit selectivity information during the screening

    ☆    High throughput on affinity based screening: Affinity based DEL screening has particular high throughput on protein-protein interaction targets 

    Collaboration Process:

Program evaluation
Target and other materials preparation
R&D methods evaluation
Target screening
Hit validation
Report and Hits delivery

Specialized Chemistry and Bioscience Services上下箭头

    HitGen provides other specialized services for drug discovery, to meet specific needs of each potential partner.


    ☆    Custom synthesis of biomacromolecule such as RNA/DNA, RNA/DNA modification, RNA/DNA conjugate glycoside and nucleoside compound;

    ☆    Custom synthesis of normal chemical compound with specific structure;

    ☆    Lead optimization;

    ☆    High-throughput sequencing;

    ☆    Protein/enzyme/cell-based assay activity;

    ☆    Protein expression, purification and crystallization.

Innovative Drug Discovery Project Based Collaboration (Licensing)上下箭头

    HitGen initiates a number of drug discovery projects. These projects can be the subject of collaboration, which cover the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, inflammation and respiratory, etc.

    Collaboration Format:

    ☆    Flexible model of collaboration;

    ☆    Projects at different stages of research process can have different model of collaboration;

    ☆    Projects can be for out-licensing, risk sharing and co-development.

Integrated Drug Discovery Projects上下箭头

Strategic Collaborations/ JV上下箭头