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Team Culture

With the vision of building "the most innovative biopharmaceutical company",  Hitgen actively builds a culture based on continuous progress and innovation, commitment to effectively solving human health problems. The company seeks to grow and develop together with all its employees, so that "Hitgeners" can maximize their full potential in a safe and caring environment.

Positive working atmosphere

  • High-speed, effcient and productive professional team

  • International standardized experimental environment

  • Smooth and transparent communication channels

Innovative & free research atmosphere

  • Doctors account for 20%, masters account for 30%

  • A strong scientific research atmosphere and building a free communication platform-R&D Technical Committee

  • Incentive mechanism to ensure the continuous output of scientific research results

Harmonious & positive humanistic atmosphere

  • Rich and diverse cultural activities such as social activity clubs, spring outings, outward bound, and Chinese New Year annual meetings

  • Fulfill social responsibility and actively conduct social welfare related activities


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