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Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic diseases, including obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, have become a major public health problem with increasing prevalence worldwide. There is a huge unmet clinical need for the development of new therapeutic approaches. 

Hitgen’s experienced team have expertise in drug discovery and development for metabolic diseases. The biology team has developed a wide range of relevant assays across a number of targets, such as nuclear receptors, proteases kinase, GPCRs, and etc. The Pharmacology team can supports the program with a variety of effective cell-based and animal models used to evaluate drug effectiveness. 

Services for metabolic diseases drug discovery and development:

In vitro Assays for Metabolic & Lipid Diseases 

  • Phenotypic Functional Assays 

  • Primary cell isolation

  • Adipocyte differentiation

  • Lipogenesis assay (3H-Acetate)

  • Glucose uptake (colorimetric)

  • FA uptake (fluorometric)

  • Lipase activity assay

  • Beta-Oxidation (3-hydroxybutyric acid level)

Animals Models:

Obesity and Diabetes

  • Streptozotocin induced diabetes Mouse/Rat

  • Spontaneous diabetes db/db,ob/ob Mouse

  • Spontaneous diabetes ZDF Rat

  • High fat and high sugar diet induced Mice

  • MCD diet induced NASH mice

  • Hypoxanthine-induced gouty arthritis  Mouse

  • Adenine induced Hyperuricemia Rat

  • ConA induced liver Mouse


  • High fat/cholesterol/fructose diet induced mice

  • APOE Hyperlipidemia mouse

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver 


  • Hypoxanthine-induced gouty arthritis Mouse

  • Adenine + ethambutol induced Rat Liver Fibrosis

  • TAA-induced Rat

  • Porcine serum induced Rat Liver Fibrosis


Measurements for the animal diseases models:

  • Glucose tolerance test (IPGTT or OGTT)

  • Insulin tolerance Test (ITT)

  • glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) test 

  • Serum glucose level 

  • Serum cholesterol and triglyceride level 

  • Serum insulin level

  • Serum FFA level

  • Serum inflammatory cytokines level

  • Liver fat content

  • Liver enzymes AST and ALT

  • Histopathology: increased steatosis, ballooning, inflammation, Mallory body and Fibrosis in NASH model

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