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Coming Soon! Whitepaper: Advancing Drug Discovery through DNA-Encoded Library Technology! Release Time:2021-05-13

Whitepaper Advancing Drug Discovery through DNA-Encoded Library Technology.jpg

Since its concept was conceived in 1992, DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DELs) have evolved into a valuable technology for hit identification in drug discovery. DEL technology enables the fast and economic synthesis, screening, and analysis of DNA-encoded collections of millions to trillions of compounds against biological targets through a confluence of molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput sequencing and advanced informatics techniques. DEL possesses multiple merits, including accessing a much larger chemical space, less target consumption, and cost-effectiveness.


After years of development and accumulation in the field of DEL technology, Whitepaper: Advancing Drug Discovery through DNA-Encoded Library Technology is going to be jointly released by HitGen and Fierce Biotech on May 27th. It systematically and comprehensively describes the design, synthesis, screening and extended application of DEL tech and includes a large number of latest research and case study data, aiming to have drug discovery community and related research fields to thoroughly understand DEL technology and stimulate more innovation in this field.


To explore more about the whitepaper, please leave your message at the bottom of this page to make the reservation!!!


To learn more about how to utilize HitGen’s cutting-edge technologies – DEL/FBDD/SBDD and the research capabilities to enable accelerated innovative drug discovery research and collaboration, please contact: bd@hitgen.com !!!


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