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“Evolving DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology to meet drug discovery needs” webinar offered by HitGen and Endpoints News coming up on Friday 20th October Release Time:2023-10-13



The DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology presents a disruptive hit identification platform that can vastly expedite the course of early-stage small molecule drug discovery.


HitGen is a world leader in the development and practice of the DEL technology with over 500 DEL clients. This webinar will describe various DEL platforms that have been built and established at HitGen and present several success stories.


Also, this webinar will introduce a self-service DNA-encoded library (DEL) kit, OpenDEL, which enables users to explore DEL selection campaigns without revealing the target identity. OpenDEL™ is a fully-open, transparent, small molecule screening kit, featuring complete disclosure of information for molecular structures, building blocks, scaffolds and compound encoding sequences, which can be widely applied in multiple areas, including drug discovery and AI-ML research.







Alex Shaginian received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MBA in finance and strategy from Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, graduating as a valedictorian of his MBA class. Alex began his industrial career as a Senior Scientist in medicinal chemistry at Ardea Biosciences (acquired by AstraZeneca for $1.3B), where he specialized in the design and synthesis of new drug candidates targeting HIV, cancer, and gout. In 2009 Alex joined GSK as a Principal Scientist and specialized in the development of novel on-DNA chemical transformations as well as design and production of DNA-encoded libraries. Among Alex’s notable achievements at GSK are pioneering a program that targeted novel chemical space with the DEL technology and the design and production of GSK’s largest and only 6-cycle library of 2.5 trillion macrocyclic peptides. In 2016 Alex joined HitGen, where he currently works as a Vice President of Business Development and Chemical Sciences. His primary responsibilities entail negotiating business deals, establishing new partnerships, analyzing DEL selection output, and generating hit proposals. Alex has co-authored over 15 scientific publications and patents.




Alyssa Grogan is a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Department of Medicine/Cardiology at Duke University. Prior to her post-doc, she earned her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, Baltimore where she investigated the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation in mice carrying a genetic mutation in the cytoskeletal protein, obscurin. Her current research in the lab of Dr. Howard Rockman at Duke University has focused on the allosteric modulation of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Using the OpenDEL platform, she successfully conducted a DNA-encoded small molecule library screen and discovered a novel allosteric modulator of the beta-adrenergic receptor with promising therapeutic effects in the heart.


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