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Academician Sang Guowei Visits HitGen LTD Release Time:2016-09-23

September 22, 2016, Chengdu – Academician Sang Guowei, the Vice Chairperson of the National People’s Congress of the Peoples’ Republic of China, Chief Engineer of National Major Innovative Drug Projects as well as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, accompanied by officials from Sichuan Provincial and Chengdu Municipal Government visited HitGen Ltd. Dr. Jin Li, Chairman & CEO of HitGen, as well as department leaders showed our warm reception and hospitality to Professor Sang Guowei.

Academician Sang, as well as other officials visited HitGen’s Discovery Chemistry center, Lead Generation center and Discovery Projects center. Later on, Dr. Jin Li introduced HitGen’s development including innovative drug discovery platform (DNA Encoded Libraries), collaboration with partners at home and abroad, discovery projects’ progress, etc. Currently, HitGen has already designed and sythesized over 816 DELs with more than 5.6 billion novel and diverse small molecules and macrocycles, which is one of the very few companies providing large scale DNA Encoded Libraries selection service in global market.

Academician Sang gave full recognition on the innovation of Synthesis and Selection of DNA Encoded Libraries as well as its importance in the innovative drug discovery, expressing that the research HitGen undertaking now is “Source of Innovation” in the process of innovative drug discovery. Academician Sang also advised HitGen urgently to input more efforts, maintain its world leading position and keep up with the trend in the international innovative drug discovery area. At the same time, HitGen must move rapidly with its pre-clinical pipelines, major innovative drug projects and IND; must strength collaboration with Chinese pharmaceutical companies centered around using DEL to contribute to the development of innovative drug discovery in China.

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