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New Drug Discovery: Find Needles in Very Large Haystacks Release Time:2016-08-23

Aug 23th, as the first speaker of 5th IAPC Meeting, Dr. Jin Li introduced the technical principle of DNA Encoded Library (DELs) synthesis and screening and its potential impact on the early new drug discovery, which attracted several attendees’ interest.

Subsequently scientists from all over the world shared their current technology in different research areas. Dr. Godefridus J. PetersVU (University Medical Center, The Netherlands) introduced Role of physico-chemical and ADME properties in cancer drug development; Dr. Tongfei Li and his team(Purdue University, USA) are focused on Development of Drug Nanocrystals for Theranostics; Dr. Rolf Hilfiker (Solvias AG, Switerland) expounded Impact of Polymorphism on the Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Alex Avdeef (in-ADME Research, USA) explained in detail Cocrystal Solubility-pH Data Analysis using pDISOL-X (with Automatic Equilibrium Equation Generation). Everyone spoke out freely and gave full play to his strong point.

New drug development is a long and arduous process, which requires scientists from different research areas to communicate a lot and work together. HitGen will keep working on establishing a high-quality DELs and advancing new drug discovery.

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