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Drug Discovery Deal Signed between HitGen and Tasly Release Time:2015-06-04

Recently, Tasly Holding Group (Tasly, a major pharmaceutical company in China) held “Industry- Research-Investment Collaboration Signing Ceremony for its Big Health Project” in TianJin, China. In the event, Tasly signed 11 new drug discovery collaboration agreements with HitGen Ltd.(HitGen) and other 8 companies, research institutions. According to the agreement, HitGen will use its proprietary DNA Encoded Libraries to collaborate with Tasly. The collaboration has significant financial value.

DNA encoded libraries (DEL) is the core and proprietary technology of HitGen. DEL has been designed to contain over one billion small molecules with drug-like properties and have been synthesized on many chemically diverse scaffolds in order to provide maximum opportunity for finding such novel hits against protein targets from known and novel protein classes. HitGen’s DEL now contains over 1.4 billion small organic molecules and macrocycles.

HitGen has collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world; the value of DEL has gradually been shown. With increasing demand for innovative drugs, more and more organizations have negotiated with HitGen for compound screening and optimization for hits or leads. In order to meet the growing market demand, HitGen has introduced more flexible business models to share this important and unique resource with domestic and overseas partners for their research and development of innovative drugs.

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