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On-DNA Decarboxylative Arylation: Merging Photoredox with Nickel Catalysis in Water 发布时间:2019-06-21


A new catalytic manifold that merges photoredox with nickel catalysis in aqueous solution is presented. Specifically, the combination of a highly active, yet air-stable, nickel precatalyst with a new electron-deficient pyridyl carboxamidine ligand was key to the development of a water-compatible nickel catalysis platform, which is a crucial requirement for the preparation of DNA-encoded libraries (DELs). Together with an iridium-based photocatalyst and a powerful light source, this dual catalysis approach enabled the efficient decarboxylative arylation of α-amino acids with DNA-tagged aryl halides. This C(sp2)–C(sp3) coupling tolerates a wide variety of functional groups on both the amino acid and the aryl halide substrates. Due to the mild and DNA-compatible reaction conditions, the presented transformation holds great potential for the construction of DELs. This was further evidenced by showing that well plate-compatible LED arrays can serve as competent light sources to facilitate parallel synthesis. Lastly, we demonstrate that this procedure can serve as a blueprint toward the adaptation of other established nickel metallaphotoredox transformations to the idiosyncratic requirements of a DEL.

ACS Comb. Sci. 2019, 21, 8, 588–597


Link: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acscombsci.9b00076

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