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Nucleic Acid Related Chemistry

At HitGen, our experienced chemists have curated comprehensive organic chemistry and nucleic acid chemistry knowledge, together with computational scientists and biologists to provide powerful solutions for your DNA & RNA related applications. HitGen is equipped with the specialized synthesizers to support various demanding oligos requests, including custom DNA and RNA oligos, chemical modified oligos, fluorescent dye-labeled oligos, conjugates of oligos with antibody or small molecule, large-scale oligos, etc. 

Importantly, our high-throughput automation systems ensure fast turnaround times and minimize manual synthesis errors. Most chemical reagents, such as nucleotide monomers, activator, are developed in-house, granting oligo products in higher quality and consistency for various applications. 

  • Modified nucleosides or nucleotides, range from mg scale to kg scale

  • Modified phosphonamidite, range from mg scale to kg scale

  • Custom DNA/RNA oligos: single-strand DNA, length in range of 10-100 mer;  single-stranded and duplexed RNA up to 60 mer in range of 14-60 mer, synthesized to your specifications. 

  • Large-scale synthesis: 1~8 mmol per batch. Provide high purity DNA and RNA oligos in bulk quantities with competitive price and turnaround times. Our capabilities in large-scale synthesis include standard, unmodified oligos to specific modified oligos. We can provide milligram to gram quantities of highly pure oligos, including ASO, siRNA, microRNA, antimiR, aptamer, sgRNA, RNA adapters, PCR primers, probes, etc

  • Oligo modifications: select from hundreds of modifications and modified bases. Incorporate chemic DNA bases, 2'-O-methyl RNA bases, 2'-fluoro RNA bases, LNA, 5'-VP modification, GalNAc modification, etc

  • Oligo conjugations: Cy5-oligo, Cy5.5-oligo, environment-sensitive linker, antibody-ASO, antibody-siRNA, etc

  • Related technique supports: Our professional technological team are always here offering actionable insights and solution for your projects.


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