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HitGen provides complete pre-clinical DMPK study to support IND of candidate compound. The services include complete in vivo/in vitro investigation on absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) and drug-drug interaction character of candidate. We also has DMPK experts interpreting the data and making rationale strategy for preclinical safety evaluation


  • Full PK on mouse, rat and dog

  • Cell permeability: Caco-2 or MDCK based permeability assay


  • Plasma/Tissue protein binding screening for multiple species

  • Tissue distribution for multiple species


  • CYP enzyme phenotyping/inhibition/induction assay

  • Microsome/Hepatocyte stability assay

  • Microsome/Hepatocyte/Animal-based metabolite identification


  • Non-radiolabeled excretion for mouse, rat and dog (feces, urine and bile)

Drug-Drug Interaction

  • ABC/SLC transporter dependency assay

  • ABC/SLC transporter inhibition assay

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