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Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies investigated the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) character of a drug with variety of technologies, which provides data for optimization of the potential drug to acquire desirable in vivo performance, as well as predicting the ADME of the potential drug when dosing to human.

In vitro/in vivo DMPK tools are used throughout drug development. Basing on its DEL directed drug development model, HitGen has built a fast, economic and high-throughput DMPK study platform to support different stages of drug development from hit screening, lead optimization towards PCC confirmation.

In vitro DMPK 

  • Microsomal Stability for Multiple Species (H, Ms, R, D, MK)

  • Hepatocyte Stability for Multiple Species (Ms, R, D, MK)

  • Microsome/Hepatocyte-based Metabolite Identification/GSH adduction

  • Plasma Protein Binding

  • Cell Uptake and Efflux

  • CYP450 inhibition Assay

  • PAMPA-Based Permeability Assay

In vivo DMPK 

  • General Pharmacokinetics

  • Cassette PK Screening for multiple compounds

  • In vivo Metabolites Identification 

  • Tissue Distribution

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