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Integrated Drug Discovery

Quality and rapid delivery of drug candidates are always the goal for drug discovery, regardless big pharma or small biotech companies. Conducting the DMTA (Design, Make, Test, Analyze) process under one organization is usually much more efficient than breaking these components apart. 

HitGen’s platform is able to provide 1) Traditional medicinal chemistry based integrated drug discovery with preclinical candidate (PCC) or IND filing as deliverables; 2) Protein degraders discovery and development with Lead series, PCC or IND filing as deliverables; 3) Nucleic acid drug discovery and development with PCC or IND filing as deliverables.

HitGen has a well validated collaboration project management system and experienced team to guarantee your project's high quality and timely delivery, confidentiality, smooth communication. We are looking forward to provide integrated drug discovery service to your project(s) with satisfaction. 

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