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Parallel Synthesis

We apply the essence of parallel synthesis to regular synthetic chemistry and aim to maximize the efficiency of compound production and delivery. Our practice of parallel synthesis entails the readiness of reagents and materials and careful design of synthetic routes. 

These two elements could be easily fulfilled at HitGen.

  • HitGen’s core technology, DNA-Encoded Library(DEL), and our existing one trillion library members require the in-house stock of over 100,000 reagents even covering a high percentage of rare carbon skeletons.

  • To break down the design of parallel synthesis: under the principle of reaching for maximal utilization of common building blocks and cores, we have a highly efficient system for the coding of the common weaponry of reactions, analyze the sequence needed for a given set of compounds and output the arrangement of experiments.

Like a traditional chemistry service, HitGen offers:

  • Synthesis status updates: biweekly updates to check up on the progress of synthesis

  • Synthetic route report: a quick report of employed synthetic routes

  • Synthetic procedures: a comprehensive report of the experimental procedures and work-up details

  • Analysis data: 1H-NMR, LC-MS, HPLC

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