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Biochemical Assay

Biochemical assays provide extensive knowledge in biomolecular functions, which has been a routine and reliable component in target characterization, hit validation, and hit-to-lead optimization. HitGen has built profound experience of development of functional biochemical assays during years of exploration in drug discovery.

HitGen has comprehensive capability in development of functional biochemical assays for various target classes with great coverage:

  • Kinase

  • Hydrolase

  • Protease

  • Deubiquitinylating enzymes (DUBs)

  • Phosphatase

  • Dehydrogenase

  • Transferase

  • Ligase

  • DNA/RNA polymerase

  • Protein-protein interaction

  • Protein-DNA/RNA interaction

With comprehensive instrumentation and methodology, HitGen can provide a full package of different assays including:

  • Colorimetric assays (absorbance, etc.)

  • Fluorometric assays (FP, FRET, FI, calcium flux, etc.)

  • Luminescent assays (ELISA, Alpha-tech, BRET, Nano-BRET, Glo assay, etc.)

  • Gel-based assays (pulldown, WB, etc.)

Alone with the standard biochemical assays, HitGen is also glad to provide highly customizable assay package including HTS screening for different types of ligands.

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