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Nucleoside Chemistry

Nucleoside analogues and derivatives have been widely used as anti-tumor and anti-viral medicines. They are the basic units and precursors for oligonucleotide therapeutics such as siRNA, saRNA and mRNA. The modified nucleosides are also used in sequencing kits. Modification of the bases or sugar rings may significantly change the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties of nucleoside molecules. Also it could lower the immunogenicity and improve the stability of oligonucleotides. 

Therefore, nucleoside analogues and derivatives play an important role for drug research. HitGen has an experienced team with almost 10 year hands-on experience on a series of unconventional natural nucleoside compound modification methods, including stereo- and enantio-selective reactions and is able to obtain the modified nucleoside compounds in a time and cost effective manner.

  • Sugar moiety modification including furanose, pyranose, carbocyclic, S-substituted rings, morpholine and acyclic rings 

  • Purine, pyrimidine based natural and unnatural bases with various glycosidic bonds

  • Natural or modified monophosphates, diphosphates and triphosphates

  • Phosphoramites, prodrugs and fluorescent nucleoside derivatives

  • Fully equipped instrument facilities, such as NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, SFC, MPLC with quality control system which is able to support the need of high quality chemicals from mg to kg scale synthesis.


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