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HitGen has already established a series of chemical platforms, including synthetic chemistry, high-throughput synthesis, medicinal chemistry, nucleic acid chemistry, process chemistry and analytical chemistry. HitGen has more than 300 chemical R&D personnel, led by highly experienced scientists with valuable experience within multinational companies and word-famous academic institutions, with advanced instrument facilities, such as microwave, parallel and photo synthesizers, MPLCs, lyophilizers, NMRs, HPLCs, LC-MSs, LC-MS / MS etc. 

HitGen's chemical platform has great track records in efficiently supporting drug discovery and development projects, including hit identification, hit/lead optimization, preclinical candidate generation, the process of API scaling-up. As an ideal partner to our customers, HitGen provides high-quality services to meet customer's needs and accelerate the processes of drug discovery and development. Together, we will make a difference.

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