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Synthetic Chemistry

HitGen has more than 200 well trained chemists and over 10,000 square meters of lab space at our Chengdu site. We have heavy investment in lab instruments such as Mass Spec, NMR, UPLC, SFC, prep-HPLC, MPLC, Microwave reactors, etc. We use Scilligence ELN lab notebook and RegMol Compound Registration to guarantee data safety and customer remote access. HitGen synthetic chemistry group provide services by either Medicinal Chemistry Collaboration or a Stand-Alone compound synthesis.  

Featured synthetic chemistry

  • Scaffold synthesis (heterocyclic chemistry, ssymmetric synthesis, DEL scaffolds)

  • Focused library/DEL synthesis

  • Microwave-assisted synthesis

  • Flow chemistry

  • Photochemistry (UV & Blue-light LED)

  • Solid-supported (resin) chemistry

  • Nucleic acid and nucleotide modification

  • Amino-acids and peptidomimetics

  • Small molecule – DNA conjugate

  • PROTAC chemistry

  • Biological-probe synthesis

  • Prodrug synthesis

We have a proven track record of solving challenging synthetic chemistry problems in creative ways, opening up the scope of chemical space available for projects and generating novel intellectual property. With proficiency from early stage, we are confident in our ablitiy to deliver small-scale analogue synthesis all the way through to large-scale drug candidates with high quality within a short timeline.

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