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Cellular Assay

Cellular assay performed when targets are reserved in their natural environment provides better biological relevance for evaluating compound activity. It ensures the compounds are cell permeable and proteins are retained in their native condition with physiological concentration/ cycling of substrate/ cofactors. 

The failure for translation of activity in biochemical assay to cellular assay is usually attributed to lack of cell permeability and complexity in cellular context. HitGen equips with BSL2 labs for routine cell culture/ cryo preservation and offers a variety of cellular assay covering a wide range of assay types.

  • FACs (target engagement, cell cycle, apoptosis)

  • Cell engineering (stable cell line generation, CRYSPR KO, siRNA/ shRNA KD)

  • High content imaging

  • Cell viability and proliferation 

  • Reporter gene assay (GFP, luciferase)

  • Cell signaling assay (GPCR, Cytokine signaling)

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